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  • Extra hands in busy times

    Your IT Team is usualy very busy. Sometimes a new project gets set back and the normal priorities of maintaining your IT systems can get crushed. I can perform a number of your standard maintenance tasks in your IT department. That gives some extra room to get the IT projects going on target.

  • Test your IT as hacker

    Organisations trust their IT departments in security and application availability. Naturally this often is a good thing as IT departments will uphold this trust. However, you are never 100% sure! What was safe yesterday can be a vulnerability today. I can look onto your systems as a hacker (Ethical hacking) and pinpoint where your systems or software is at risk. For IT departments it is often a relief to find these vulnarable items. Better be sure and safe then not knowing!


  • A fresh view of your systems

    IT systems grow and become more complex. Sometimes older systems remain in service, as old information may be of use. These systems are a vulnaribility when there is no longer an owner of them and the system is no longer up-to-date. Old systems cost money (energy, maintenance, license fees).
    Lets find and assess these older systems and consolidate them. It will save you a lot in costs and provide peace of mind.


The IBM domino platform is used by enterprises as an application platform. Many of these companies have built their applications and web-applications on this system, which offers document management, workflow and messaging.

IBM Domino and IBM Notes are by design resilient and supports real-time clustering. Applications are backward compatible and support older versions of databases with a timespan of over 10 years! Many interfaces with production or business applications can be created in this platform. The IBM Domino systems are built to support different platforms. (Windows, UX or Linux)

Large enterprises invest in long term solutions and try to avoid the worry of having to migrate all their applications to newer platforms every time a new version is launched. The discussion about legacy and the older interface that is visible is a valid discussion, however the higher security and performance of this platform outweighs this.

If or when you need to migrate your IBM Domino platform to a newer version or if you need to migrate to Microsoft, I can provide your IT team with the expertise needed to perform such complex tasks.


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